Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7


24:7 pregnancy scans

24:7 Pregnancy Scans to Alleviate Your Stress

“It is important to understand” says Julia after her scan “These ultrasound scans aren’t standard medical scans –  not equivalent to that in a medical ultrasound clinic – for example, internal scans aren’t possible, no films are provided, no medical advice is given”. Whilst being pregnant is a joy for most, for some, it can […]

Baby Ultrasound Scanning

3D & 4D Ultrasounds: Find Out What Your 2D Ultrasound isn’t Telling You

Getting to hear you and your partner are going to be parents is perhaps one of the most exhilarating announcements. This is especially true in the case of first-time pregnancies. The dream of having one’s own family soon starts to take shape and suddenly, everything centers around the pregnancy schedule, mother’s health routines, and the […]

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bags

If you’re here, it means its nearly time for you to pack your hospital bags. Its time to gather together all the essentials you’ll need during labour and birth and for after your baby is born. Some people start packing as soon as they find out, others may like to leave it until when they […]

Easy mocktail Recipes foe Pregnant Mums

Easy Mocktails Recipes for Pregnant Mums

You’re expecting and excited about it. Yes, but you absolutely miss having a margarita as you lounge by the pool on your last staycation. Think you can’t do this anymore? Think again. There are many ways you can still enjoy that mojito even with a pregnant belly. Check These Mocktail Recipes You can Make for […]

No Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

10 Things No Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear!

Do you ever feel that now you are pregnant it seems everybody has the right to invade your privacy, give you unsolicited advice and touch you without asking? And I am not just talking about family members or friends, as obtrusive as they maybe, but people you have never even met before! Here are the […]

10 Things To Love About Being Pregnant

10 Things To Love About Being Pregnant

Pregnancy is like a rollercoaster; there are always plenty of ups and downs. Aside from the miserable side effects like morning sickness, uncomfortable sleepless nights and body pains, there just so happens to be some great things about being pregnant. Shocker, right? Here are a Few Things to Love about being Pregnant! Excuses With a […]

Pregnant woman sitting on a sofa and caressing her belly

Pregnancy Myths – True or False?

We have all heard a wives tale or two about pregnancy, but there are SO many! How do you know what ones are actually accurate? We did a bit of research and took a closer look at some common myths: Myth #1 – Pregnant women should avoid exercise Not true folks! This issue has been […]

Baby Naming

Baby Naming

Picking what you would like to name your child for the rest of their life is no easy task! A name is a defining part of your identity and generally it’s something that sticks with you your whole life. Names create expectations and judgments. We understand that it can be an overwhelming process so we […]

Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Ultrasound in Pregnancy

Ultrasound in pregnancy (also known as ‘sonograms’ or ‘scans’) can be performed for a variety of reasons. Medical ultrasounds in pregnancy work on the same principle as sonar (used in oceanography to map the sea bed). The technician uses a hand-held ultrasound probe (or ‘transducer’) to generate and receive high frequency sound waves that cannot […]

Gender Scan

Gender Scans

It’s become increasingly common to find out the gender of your baby before it’s born. It sure takes the guesswork out of knowing what you need before the baby arrives! But how does a gender scan actually work? At a gender scan, an ultrasound machine (sonogram) transmits high-frequency sound waves through your uterus. The sound […]