Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

Our Sex Determination/Confirmation package includes:

  • Find out the sex of your baby from 14 weeks onwards
  • Moving clips and still images transferred directly to your phone via WiFi to our exclusive “Hello Mom” App


Single baby: $150
Multiple babies: $185


Find out if your baby is boy or girl

Finding out what the sex of your baby will be is the one of the longest, most frustrating waits in a pregnancy. Some people like to torture those around them and keep it a surprise until the baby is born, but others want to know up front for a variety of reasons.

Using the very latest technology available in Ultrasound scanners, Realistic Vue, we are able to accurately confirm a baby’s sex anytime after your 14th week.

At Early Image there are no rushed appointments and no one waiting behind you so we can take all the time we need to wait until  baby moves into a position where we can see the gender for certain. We will also listen to and measure its heartbeat, check your due date and then take some awesome images and moving clips which we will transfer directly to your phone via our exclusive “Hello Mom” APP.