Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7


What people are saying about Early Image

  • Fantastic day discovering the gender of my baby today, especially at 16 weeks! Nothing feels quite like seeing your baby squirm around inside of you! Best feeling ever! You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! I will definitely be back for more images!

  • After a middle of the night scare, we came across early image’s website and booked an ultrasound with David within an hour’s notice. He is very caring and was very supportive during this stressful moment, being able to provide us with peace of mind in such a short period of time. Since then we’ve seen David multiple times, and every time we see him, he always makes himself available providing the same care and empathy each time. Thanks David. Highly recommend..

    Maisae and Michael
  • I had a scare with dropping HCG levels and a small bleed at 10-11 weeks. My doctor gave me a scan referral on Friday night, and nowhere would take me over the weekend. I was worried sick when I called Early Image on Saturday morning, but they fitted me in straight away. I nearly cried when I saw a happy little heartbeat and perfectly healthy baby, and my husband and I now have more beautiful images to share with family.
    David was absolutely wonderful, very caring and reassuring. The clinic itself was a beautiful, calming place, and the price was very reasonable (much less than I would have paid to have the medical scan I’d been referred for). What an incredible service for setting your mind at ease!

    Cassidy and Bradley
  • We visited back in April to catch an early glimpse of our baby’s face. With a low risk pregnancy, we had no medical scans scheduled after 20 weeks, so we were excited to have another chance to see our baby before the birth.
    Unfortunately, baby had other ideas and was not in a good position for a scan. David tried to get us an image when we arrived, and after a cold glass of water/brisk walk, on two separate days. Each time, baby refused to move her legs out of the way. Thankfully third time was the charm, and on the third day/fifth attempt we finally got great images of our baby’s face, hands and feet. We were really grateful for David’s understanding, patience and persistence.
    Now our baby is here and I can confirm that the scans gave us an accurate sneak peek of our little one, a couple of months before she was born. It was a fun experience and having cute photos to look at helped us get through those long last months of pregnancy..

    Kate and Nicola
  • What an awesome experience from the second we walked into early image we were made so comfortable by David this is the second time we met him and at both times he made our visit worth while. Best room and best equipment for the scans. David explained us every part of the ultra sound when he was doing it and answered all our questions. And made us relaxed and got the best images of our bub. We highly recommend early image to everyone who would like to have the best experience of there baby ultrasound.. Thanks David you are the best!

    Maria and Arshad
  • A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE, GREAT SETUP, GREAT VENUE – a must for all pregnancies and great for a future 21st video.

    Janie and Tom
  • Very welcoming interior and staff. Comfortable scanning room with couches for all your family members to sit and watch the scan on provided screens. Our little one was being very shy and didn’t want to show his face! It was suggested we go for a 10 minute walk and try again but bubba wasn’t having it. We then tried an ice pack on my wife’s tummy to get him to turn and that did the trick. David then got some amazing images and video of his face and hands and even facial expressions. These were all sent to an app on our phone. Our family members and I were all very happy with the results. Highly recommend. Thank you David we’ll be back for bubba number 2! Cheers.

  • My Mum asks every day for a “window” to see her grandbaby…. and today she got just that. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for letting us get a glimpse of our son… he is beautiful and we are thrilled with the experience. By the way, you need more tissues in the viewing room!!

    Nicole and Tye
  • What an amazing experience! I was told by my obstetrician that I was expecting a girl, so I just wanted some confirmation via a gender scan. I booked with Early Image last minute and David was so accommodating, fitting me in last minute. Also, he went above and beyond in answering my calls and questions! I arrived to the clinic and was taken aback at how beautiful the clinic was, super inviting and well decorated. Even the gel was warm!
    To our surprise, David informed us that we were actually expecting a boy! A huge shock! David delivered the news perfectly and sent us images and videos of our little one straight to my phone! The whole process was flawless and we’ve already booked in for our 4D scan. I definitely recommend Early Image for your gender scans or any other type of scan, the service was just wonderful and welcoming. We look forward to attending again!

    Chernise and Ogi
  • After having multiple miscarriages previously I became very anxious after I started to bleed. I rang David early on a Sat morning and he was very reassuring on the phone and made an appointment for me within a couple hours. He was very kind when I went there and was prompt to show me a beating heartbeat before then slowing down the whole appointment to allow me to enjoy the scan. He provided great photos and a video that I can now refer to each time I become a little stressed. I felt the cost was very reasonable as it was similar to what I would have paid to go to a radiologist however I didn’t need to muck around getting a referral and was able to be seen last minute on a weekend. Thanks so much.

    Kylie and Travis
  • David was Gold for us! Especially in the early stages of my pregnancy when I had some problems and I went a few times in panic. I’m so glad that we have found Early Image and that something like that exist as it made my life easier… I knew I could call David anytime when I had concerns and he would be there for me! It is so reassuring seeing my baby on the monitor and listening to his heartbeat.
    David is also very supportive and optimistic person and I always felt good and calm when leaving his studio.
    Thank you David!
    Btw, his brand new ultrasound is fantastic! We have some beautiful pictures of our baby boy! 🙂

    Michelle and Rod
  • Highly recommend! We came here as a last minute thing as I was feeling worried during the day. I was seen immediately at 8pm at night so they’re highly accommodating to anything you need and at only 15 weeks the gentleman worked very hard to let us know the gender of the baby. Wonderful services as they’re very reassuring, I fell extremely ill during my pregnancy however the hospital offered no reassurance or scan at all. This place is great for a little peace of a mind and are super friendly. We also loved the images that he set up on our phones. Will definitely be returning

    Rachel and Timothy
  • What a wonderful service that David offers at Early Image. I was lucky enough to come across his website early on a Sunday morning after I’d had a small bleed about 8 weeks into my pregnancy. We were soooo stressed as I’d had a miscarriage in the past.
    To be reassured that everything was ok within only a couple of hours was incredible. No referrals, no fuss and all for a very reasonable price.
    David was warm, welcoming and reassuring, He even cut his break short so I didn’t have to wait too long, as I turned up an hour before I was supposed to.
    Thank you David, We are so grateful for this service!!!!

    Elizabeth and Daniel
  • Fantastic service! My wife and I were anxious due to spotting in week 12. We called but could not book an appointment with Monash Ultrasound for women. Fortunately, I tried to send Early Image a request and recieve a call from David soon after. He was very thorough and kind to accommodate us an urgent scan to check our baby ‘fetus’. We were both relieved and happy with his professional service from start to finish.

    For first time parents like us, I strongly recommend the service with David at Early Image. You will only pay 2/3 the price compared to exact service in Monash Ultrasound for Women. You can book virtually a 24/7 service and no reference from your GP needed. Not to mention the video and images of your baby(or babies) to take home with.

    Thuy and Anh