What will I see when I’m being scanned?

Depending on the position the baby is in you may see your baby sucking its thumb, moving around, changing position, wriggling its fingers and toes and occasionally kicking and stretching.

During a 4D scan, facial expressions such as blinking, yawning and smiling can often be seen. You will also be able to see its hands and feet and depending on its age, whether it takes after mummy or daddy.

Is it safe?

Extensive studies over 35 years have found that ultrasound has not been shown to cause any harm to mother or baby.

Ultrasound scanning of all pregnancies is now normal throughout Australia. 3D/4D scanning uses exactly the same type and intensity of ultrasound as the more familiar conventional 2D scan. 3D/4D ultrasound utilises low frequency sound waves to look inside the body. The technology is similar to radar. A probe placed on the body emits sounds waves into the body, listens for the return echo, and generates an image.

No adverse health impacts have been found. There is no radiation. Ultrasound scans do not raise body temperature/amniotic temperature any higher than if Mum was to take a walk in a park, or if she were outside in hot weather.

How many scans can I have during my pregnancy?

There is no limit as to the number of scans that can be performed during a pregnancy. Most women in Australia will have 2 scans one at 13 weeks the other at around 20 weeks.

Will the scan always be successful?

Unfortunately no. Every baby scans differently, depending on its gestational age, position, amount of fluid, and mother’s condition.

If the baby is persistently looking down towards your spine or is lying up against the placenta wall it may be difficult to see the baby’s face. Occasionally, the baby may lie in a difficult position or there may not be a pocket of fluid in the correct place to outline the areas of interest of your baby.

When this happens a satisfactory scan may not be achievable. In these cases we will send Mum off for a walk,give her a drink and/or put an ice bag on her tummy and this may cause the baby to move to a more favorable position. Should this not occur then we will reschedule the scan for another day at no extra charge. Your 4D  Superscan must be paid for, in full, whether or not you decide to come back for a second scan.

We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen.

We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen elsewhere, or that we can always meet everyone’s expectations.

Does the scan replace my doctor’s scan?

No! Any mum-to-be wishing to undergo a 3D/4D Early Image scan must already be receiving treatment by a doctor and have already undergone at least one medical, diagnostic ultrasound ordered by their doctor to confirm their due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and to look for any other pregnancy related issues.

What is 4D?

A 4D ultrasound represents the difference between still photography (3D) and video. Through this revolutionary technology your baby’s 3D image is continuously updated providing you with live action. In reality this means that, for the first time, you can watch your baby smiling, sucking its thumb, yawning and stretching as it happens and in colour.

When can I have a scan?

If you plan on having only one 4D Ultrasound examination, we would recommend having a scan performed between the 25th and 38th week of the pregnancy. However, excellent images of your baby can be obtained anytime after about 22 weeks of pregnancy.

Many mothers have more than one 4D Ultrasound and have a range of images to enjoy from their second and third trimesters as well.

How long does my appointment last?

Up to 15 minutes depending on where the baby is and how good the images are. Our aim is to get the best 3D/4D scan of your baby possible. We appreciate the fact that not all babies will be lying in the ideal position on arrival, so if we need to get the baby to move we may well run over, time wise. We find that this is preferable to rescheduling for another day.

We appreciate that this is a very exciting occasion for you and your family, and being flexible with our appointments not only allows us to show different aspects and features of your baby but gives you more time to relax in our non-clinical atmosphere, and for you to fully appreciate your Early Image experience.

Can I bring my family along?

Absolutely! We are a mother centered, family friendly environment. This is truly a family affair and each location can comfortably handle six to eight adults.

Our beautifully designed ultrasound viewing rooms have sofas and wall mounted plasma screens to enhance the viewing experience of the baby and some locations provide toys and play-space for younger siblings.

Do I need to have a full bladder?

No. While you should be well hydrated, unlike a traditional hospital ultrasound scan there is no need to have a full bladder before you attend. You can relax and enjoy the experience without any discomfort.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

No, just yourself!

Can you tell me the sex of my baby?

Gender determination can be made anytime after the 16th week, we specialise in early gender scanning. However, due to the position of the umbilical cord, placenta or fetus, it can sometimes be difficult to get a clear view of the genital area.

If this happens we will send you for a walk to move the baby so we can see clearly. If we still can’t see we will bring you back and re-scan you at the next available day, at our cost.

All early gender determination scans (before 20 weeks) carry a small margin for error and we suggest that you confirm our determination with your sonographer at your 20 week scan. Should they tell you anything different call us straight away and we will schedule you in for a re-scan on our next available day.

Can I have a scan if I am expecting twins?

Absolutely. The only difference is that the scan will take longer. Please note, it is not usually possible to see both babies in the same image area.

What is included in the price?

Please refer to our Services section.

How do I book a scan?

Simply ring Early Image Melbourne on 03 9529 7433 to make an appointment for a scan or book online. Alternatively, call in to our offices at Suite 5, 444-456 High Street, Prahran Victoria 3181.

Due to the huge demand for scans and the small number of hours we are available to scan each week as well as the hugh cost of ASAR registered Sonographers, all appointments include a $50 non-refundable booking fee at the time of booking. A deposit will automatically be refunded if you are unable to attend due to a problem with the baby or should your appointment time be booked by someone else.

Is the scan covered by Medicare or other health insurance?

Medicare and private health insurance in Australia does not currently view the huge benefits of parental and sibling bonding as valid for covering the costs of ultrasounds. Since this is an elective procedure and is not intended to be a replacement for your doctor ordered ultrasound, you will need to pay the cost of this ultrasound as an out of pocket expense.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express,  debit cards and cash.

Can I add music to the video of my scan?

Absolutely. We have a large selection of music to choose from or you can bring your own CD with you.

Does the scan record onto DVD?

Yes, the baby and music all get recorded onto DVD, which you will take home with you on the day.

Do you provide photos?

Printing from an Ultrasound machine is never fantastic and often the quality of the photos disappoint. We prefer to download all the high resolution JPEG still images we take during the scan onto a CD-ROM. Generally between 25-60 images depending on how quickly we get to the baby’s face. High quality photos can then be printed out at home, or at a photo shop.

Is a gender scan 100% accurate?

Whilst we only employ the most highly skilled obstetric sonographers and take the utmost care in making gender determinations we can never guarantee the determination 100%. Our sonographers are trained not to make a determination until they have seen clearly from at least two different angles. If they are not able to see the gender clearly you will be sent for a walk or have an ice pack on the tummy. If, after all that, we are still unable to see the gender we will bring you back and rescan you for free at the first opportunity.