Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

Victoria's only imaging centre Open 24/7

About us

Early Image is without doubt Victoria’s premier 3D/4D/5D Ultrasound and gender scanning centre.
Pregnancy is a magical time – as you await the birth of your baby.

Now it is possible to have an even greater level of intimacy with this amazing and precious experience. Advancements in 3D/4D and 5D ultrasound technology have led to the development of a scanner that beautifully captures the wonder of your baby-to-be, in real-time and in high definition. Far surpassing the traditional grainy, black and white images of regular ultrasounds that require operators to explain what you are seeing, now you can view your child in utero with superb detail and in complete privacy in Realistic Vue, only available at Early Image.

Operating since 2005 Early Image has built a reputation of being Victoria’s premier 4d/5d Ultrasound and gender scanning centre. With over 60,000 happy customers, we offer parents-to-be, their family and friends a truly unique and unforgettable experience. We combine the latest state of- the -art ultrasound machines with top-of-the-line home theatre equipment. We house all this in a truly beautiful and luxurious stress-free environment to make your first glimpse of your baby a moment you and your family will treasure forever. We have additional seating for 10 family members or friends, plus a luxurious lounge and playroom for the kids so the whole family can share in this special moment.

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Ultrasounds don’t have to be medical procedures – we’ve made it a cherished family event. Welcome to the Early Image world of Superscans™ where Ultrasound is transformed into Ultravision®. This is a totally ‘in the now’ glimpse of your unborn baby – allowing you, your family and friends the chance to experience something once only dreamt of.

Our team of highly experienced technicians have successfully scanned over 60,000 couples over the past 13 years. Gender scanning allows you to find out if you will be having a boy or a girl, as well as checking on your baby’s health and growth. What a magical moment it is for parents-to-be to see their baby, often for the first time and we enhance that moment making sure we take the utmost care in explaining everything you see on the screen

Early Image were pioneers in the field of 4D ultrasounds and scanning.  Now the technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds and 3D/4D and even 5D scanners are considered old technology. Early Image has invested in the very latest in ultrasound scanners, Realistic Vue which offers a huge leap forward in what you see.  Crystal clear images both still and moving and the ability to transfer those images directly to your phone through WiFi. With the best equipment and our amazing staff, we take the time to wait while your baby moves into a position where we can most accurately determine their sex and take the best images. In addition to our advanced technology, we take exceptional care to ensure that this process is as comfortable, nurturing and supportive as possible. We look forward to giving you and your loved ones the chance to witness the true miracle of your baby’s growth and development.

What makes the Early Image experience so unique?

  • No doctor’s referral is necessary. Just pick up the phone and book
  • We guarantee results. If we are unable to get images of your baby’s face, we will bring you back at no extra cost
  • Because our scans are non-diagnostic and we do not spend time taking measurements, your whole session is spent looking at your baby
  • We use only the best in home theatre equipment with plasma screens to enhance your viewing pleasure
  • Our scanners are the very latest in imaging technology for crystal clear, high definition images of your baby
  • We are available 24/7 throughout the duration of your pregnancy  should you feel anxious, stressed or worried about baby
  • We offer a child-friendly, luxurious and stress-free environment
  • We encourage you to share this experience with your family and friends and can cater for up to 10 people