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Weekend & after
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Exclusive to Early Image

Through the magic of AI, enhance your 5D image to see what your baby will look like at birth

*Available with every Live 5D scan

Beautiful free gift with every scan

Making your baby look good on the big screen is our speciality, making baby look good is Purebaby’s. That is why we have partnered to make sure baby is looking it’s best inside and outside. Exclusive to Early Image, receive a beautiful outfit from Purebaby’s outstanding range of soft organic clothing with every scan booked while stocks last. For more information on how Purebaby can make your baby look good click

A completely new approach to
pregnancy scanning.

Here at Early Image, we believe that your pregnancy is stressful enough and that Mum, or Dad, should be able to see their baby whenever they like and as often as they want. We put you first by offering appointments that fit your hectic schedule, all without the need for a doctors’ referral. We will never keep you waiting for your appointment and we are available anytime night or day.  We believe that seeing the baby growing inside you should be an amazing experience supported by the best of everything. To us, that means, a beautifully designed viewing room for you, your family and friends, an extremely comfortable bed and warmed gel. It also means the very best ultrasound scanner available, a technician that is warm, friendly and informative excited to show you around your baby. Of course, it also means taking beautiful still images and live video clips and connecting your devices to the scanner to transfer them straight to your phones and tablets. Call 9529 7433 now, you won’t be disappointed!


Reassurance Scan

A stress free and relaxing way to check on your baby. Be reassured your pregnancy is progressing well. Hear the heartbeat for the first time and check your due date while watching your little one moving, waving and kicking - from 6 weeks onwards. Scans outside working hours (08:30 AM- 4:30 PM) incur a 50% surcharge

Stress Relief

Had a previous miscarriage? Experiencing spotting or bleeding? Unusual pain or cramps? Sudden loss of pregnancy symptoms? Haven't felt baby move? Let us relieve your anxiety, stress or worry, instantly, anytime night or day from 6 weeks onwards. Scans outside working hours (08:30 AM- 4:30 PM) incur a 50% surcharge

Gender Scanning

Want to find out what you are having? Accurate gender determination and/or confirmation from as early as 14 weeks with live video clips and still images of baby moving, kicking, yawning, transferred straight to your phone with the Hello Mom App exclusive to Early Image. Scans outside working hours (08:30 AM- 4:30 PM) incur a 50% surcharge

5D Scanning

Surrounded by your family and friends, watch your baby on the big screen in amazing detail. Our brand new machine takes 4D and 5D scans to a whole new level. Take home detailed live videos and still images transferred straight to your phones via the Hello Mom App.

Special Offer

Bring your loved ones to see your little angel perform on the big screen in Live 5D. Watch your baby sucking its thumb, smiling and yawning is an experience you, and they, will never forget. Just want to make sure your little one is OK or to find out the baby’s gender in time for the big reveal? No need for CD-ROMs and USB sticks, the WI-FI capability on our new scanner transfers live video clips and still images straight to your phone. To book your spot click

Hello Mom - Exclusive to Early Image

Connect your phone by WIFI to our state-of-the-art ultrasound machine and have live video clips and still images sent straight to your device at the end of the scan and up on Facebook/Instagram before you get to the car!