Combined Gender Determination + Realisitic Vue Superscan Ultravision®

Our combination package includes:

  • Find out the sex or just come and spend some time with baby from 14 weeks onwards
  • Come back for a second visit from 24 weeks onwards and let us take amazing images of baby on the very latest technology available in ultrasound scanners, Realistic View. The detail is outstanding and a huge step up from 3d/4d and 5d scanners
  • Your whole scan is recorded onto DVD
  • Still images and movie clips taken during the scan transferred directly onto your phone via WiFi through our exclusive “Hello Mom” APP


Single baby: $325 (save $60)
Multiple babies: $400 (save $80)


Combined Sex Determination and Realisitic Vue Superscan Ultravision

For most couples one ultrasound just isn’t enough especially with those old grainy black and white images you get at the hospital and imaging centres . At Early Image we offer only the very best and latest technology in Ultrasound scanning. Our combined package shows baby early on in the pregnancy and a return visit 10-12 weeks later to see how  baby has progressed and developed. Surrounded by family and friends, in our hotel suite style viewing room, Mum lies on our luxurious electric  bed with warmed gel on her tummy and everyone watches on a high definition  wall mounted TV. Once the scan is over, moving clips and still images are transferred straight to your phone and can be live on Facebook and Instagram before you get to the car!