Combined Gender Determination + 4D Ultrasound Superscan Ultravision®

Our combination package includes:

  • Find out the sex of your baby from 16 weeks onwards
  • Come back for your Ultravision 4D Superscan from 25 weeks onwards
  • DVD of scan recorded with the music of your choice
  • CD-ROM of all images taken during the scan (generally 40-60 images)


Single baby: $325 (save $60)
Multiple babies: $400 (save $80)


Combined Sex Determination and 4D Superscan Ultravision

In most pregnancies, one ultrasound isn’t sufficient to get the most comprehensive overview of your pregnancy and unborn baby. Pregnancy ultrasounds are performed for a variety of reasons, from sex determination to diagnosing any potential problems that may need treatment or care shortly after birth and just checking in generally with your baby’s growth.

We offer a combined package that gives you access to a 4D scan of your unborn baby while our sonographers also take the time to perform a sex determination.