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For many mums-to-be pregnancy may not be the happy, glowing experience that the magazines portray but, instead, can be a highly stressfull time filled with worry and anxiety. For many, in the first weeks of pregnancy knowing that there is a happy, healthy foetus growing well and with a good heartbeat is a huge confidence booster and a massive relief.

For those that have had miscarriages with previous pregnancies or are having an IVF baby, stress levels during pregnancy can be way off the charts. Many mums-to-be experience spotting, unusual pain or loss of pregnancy symptoms during early pregnancy but find it impossible to get access to an ultrasound machine to check things out.

Here, at Early Image, we understand the need to relieve stress instantly, anytime night or day. We will open our studio to any mum that needs to relieve stress with an hour’s notice. No doctors referral needed just call us on 9529 7433 (0438 20 4443 after hours) and see your baby straight away

You can be assured that at all our scans:

  • Appointment times are completely flexible and we will fit in around your schedule -7 days a week
  • You will be the only ones at the studio – no over lapping appointments, ever
  • No waiting in the foyer for scans – arrive and go straight in
  • Of course, other than your partner and children, family and loved ones are welcome too.

Strong heartbeat

Growing on track


Single baby: $175

Multiple babies: $250


I was so impressed with Early Image. I had a bleed early in my pregnancy on a Friday night. I was due to fly overseas early on the following Monday morning and really wanted to know what was happening with the pregnancy before my holiday. I spent 7 hours in emergency on Saturday and they were unable to tell me if I was still pregnant or not because their ultrasound department only operated during the week..... In desperation I came across Early Image and I honestly could not rate them more highly. From the moment I called (early on a Sunday morning!) I was made to feel calm and told not to worry because bleeds were so common. They were able to see me within an hour of my enquiry. I was reassured and made to feel comfortable throughout the whole experience. Within seconds I could hear my son’s heartbeat pounding loudly. I was so very lucky to have positive news of course. And I could embark on my holiday feeling confident. I was so blown away that our hospital system couldn’t provide this reassurance in 7 hours yet Early Image was able to do so in 10 minutes. Do not hesitate to call them if you are unsure!! You will be treated with dignity and respect.

Belinda & Brad, Hampton, VIC