Our 4D Superscan Ultravision package includes:

  • DVD of scan recorded with the music of your choice
  • CD-ROM of all images taken during the scan (generally 40-60 images)


Single baby: $235
Multiple babies: $295


The importance of the 4D baby scan

2D ultrasound images have been standard across the industry for several decades now and while 3D images are also becoming a normal part of pregnancy, there’s an even better way to experience your little one as they move about the womb.

Combining the best in ultrasound imaging with digital home theatre equipment, a 4D ultrasound is perfectly safe for both you and your unborn baby and allows you unprecedented access to the goings on inside your womb.

A 4D ultrasound gives your OBGYN additional diagnostic capabilities, to give you peace of mind that your unborn baby is developing and growing safe and sound. It’s also able to help diagnose issues, particularly pelvic conditions that may affect your birthing plan and help you make the best choices for the most successful pregnancy.

4D Ultrasound