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4D/5D Live 5D Realistic Vue Scan®

A live action look at your unborn child.

A delightful little stretch or yawn, that magical first smile or even the gentleness of sleep – Early Image captures real-time, moving images of your unborn baby.

Unlike conventional ultrasounds, our advanced Realistic View® 5D Live Superscans in Ultravision® combine the latest technology available in ultrasound imaging with digital home theatre equipment, so you can see your little one like never before.
Relax in the comfort of your own private viewing suite complete with digital plasma vision.

Additional seating for up to 10 relatives, plus a luxurious lounge and playroom for the older kids – we welcome the whole family to share in this special moment.

Stress Relief Scans

Spotting, unusual pain, loss of symptoms? Need to hear baby’s heartbeat? We will open our studio anytime night or day. No doctor’s referral needed.

Relive Stress immediately, 24/7

Our “5D Live Realistic View® Superscans in Ultravision®:

  • Are recommended as an additional look at your baby between the 22nd and 38th week
  • Are perfectly safe for you and your unborn baby
  • Can confirm your baby’s sex from as early as 14 weeks
  • Provide you with peace of mind so you can relax during your pregnancy
  • Do not require a doctor’s referral
  • Will transfer still images and live-action video clips directly to your phone
  • Are 100% Guaranteed. If you are unable to see the baby’s face due to its position. Early Image offers a return appointment absolutely free.


I needed to know that my baby was ok. Your technology assured me that all was fine, so I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the pregnancy. Thank you.

MARY & JOHN, Moorabin, VIC