24:7 Pregnancy Scans to Alleviate Your Stress

24:7 pregnancy scansWhilst being pregnant is a joy for most, it can also be scary at times when you have a seed of doubt that something may be wrong with your unborn child. Early Image is the only facility in Melbourne that offers 24/7 around the clock pregnancy scans.

“It was very warming and comforting to have a late night scan when things felt off. We got told by the hospital there would be a 5 hour wait but Early Image helped me out ASAP,” said Montana.

In Australia, up to one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage despite the fact that many families still experience this trauma silently. These statistics can impact some of us more than others and cause undue stress throughout a pregnancy particularly if you have experienced a miscarriage previously.

Early Image provides expecting parents with the opportunity to have a scan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Better yet, you don’t even need a doctor’s referral and there aren’t long queues out in the waiting room meaning that we can have you in and out quickly to alleviate your fears and minimise unnecessary stress.

These scans enable us to show you your baby’s heartbeat and movement anytime, day or night even in an early pregnancy.

Often Emergency Departments have long wait period and may even turn you away until the next day if they don’t believe the scan is urgent. Whilst Early Image sonographers are not doctors if they do detect an issue with your baby’s heartbeat or movement they will pass this information along immediately and recommend you attend an Emergency Department immediately.

Aleisha had a similar experience, “When I walked into Early Image I was in a bad place. The 20-week scan I had at 1pm earlier that day did not go to plan. I didn’t see my baby or the heartbeat and was told to just lay back and not to ask any questions. After this I was left sobbing in the car so I decided to I made make a phone call to Early Image and was told I could come in at 3pm that day. After their scan I was so happy, we were having a boy I had seen my baby and his heartbeat! I will be going back to have a 3D scan done there too.”

Next time you are concerned about your baby please feel free to give us a call. We will make ourselves available anytime, any day of the week to provide you with the assurance every expectant mother needs and deserves.

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