Pregnancy Myths – True or False?

Oct 04, 2015 | David Portnoy | Pregnancy

We have all heard a wives tale or two about pregnancy, but there are SO many! How do you know what ones are actually accurate? We did a bit of research and took a closer look at some common myths:

  • Myth #1 – Pregnant women should avoid exercise

Not true folks! This issue has been rather topical recently with Michelle Bridges in the media. A number of health experts have come out in support of Michelle Bridges and have stated that it is perfectly okay to exercise during pregnancy. It really is a matter of how much.

Michelle Bridges is an exceptionally fit person so what may look like a lot for us really isn’t for others. We suggest cutting back to 70% of your normal routine while pregnant. So if you normally jog 10kms there is nothing wrong with a jog, but why not strip it back and not go over 7kms?

  • Myth #2 – You are eating for two

This is an old one that strangely still gets thrown around. According to Time, carrying a baby actually requires 300 extra calories a day. This means you should be eating for about one and a fifth. So keep the overeating to a minimum – it’s actually better for the baby’s health too. Nutritious foods are the way to go mums-to-be!

  • Myth #3 – You can’t drink coffee

You CAN! Good news for all the caffeine addicts out there! While it has been deemed as safe for pregnant women to drink coffee it is important to not go overboard.

A small cup of coffee a day is usually fine, however it is worth checking this with your own doctor to make sure any underlying health conditions will not be impacted.

What’s the weirdest pregnancy myth you have heard?